Sunday, November 17, 2013

Squanto, the Pilgrim's Best Friend Freebies!

As we all gear up for the next few weeks of Thanksgiving activities, I wanted to share these freebies I made. My teammate and I always have a Pilgrim and Indian switch days where we each teach a different lesson about these historical groups. I always teach about Squanto and how he taught the pilgrims to plant corn. I read a story and then we make a tissue paper corn craft.
I wanted something more rigorous (buzz word!)so I created a paper for a how-to writing. The students can write the steps that Squanto taught to the Pilgrims. I also made a fill in the blank version for Kindergarten.
Then I ran across this blog called the Teacher's Chatterbox.
She had the cutest idea to make a Squanto Corn Planting snack out of Oreos, Swedish Fish and Candy Corn.
I just made a recipe for students to follow and a how to writing paper. If you want any of these freebies, just click the picture!
I also have a great unit about the Pilgrims and Wampanoag that is very rigorous. Students read a text (included) that compares and contrasts Pilgrims and the Wampanoag and then answer text dependent questions. After they compare and contrast the two groups, they write an opinion piece in which they choose if they would have rather been a Pilgrim or Wampanoag child in the 1600's and why based on evidence from the text. Click to check it out on TPT!

For a Turkey Measurement Freebie, click here!