Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top of the Mornin'! Look here for an Easter freebie!

Top of the Mornin to ya'!

 I love St. Patrick's Day! When I was in Kindergarten, I remember my teacher set-up a Leprechaun visit and I've always remembered that. I do that for my students now because I loved it so much when I was young.
I used Reagan's Looking for a Leprechaun pack yesterday. Click the pic to check it out!!!

                                                                 Looking For A Leprechaun

It's so cute! I love that the students have to review skills after each clue on the scavenger hunt. The students loved it!!!! They've never been so excited to do work! ( Insert evil leprechaun laugh here)

My own son is in first grade this year and I set it up for him at home complete with Lucky Charms and green milk!

I'm on Spring Break now and with Easter just around the corner, I wanted to share an Easter Word Work freebie! Just click here to download your copy. Don't you just love dollar store tins!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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