Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Need help, please!! There's a freebie if you do!

So... I'm sure I don't have any readers anymore because I never post but one of my many resolutions is to get back to blogging. I think it's just been a crazy year. My teammate and I had 30 kiddos all semester and finally got word we were getting another teacher. We spent those last 5 crazy days with no prep because we had interviews for our new teammate. We found someone but now I'm just sad to lose some of my students.:( I know it will be better for all of us in the long run because I can't meet all the needs of that many students. The new teacher was supposed to start the Monday we go back but now they aren't sure when her paperwork will all clear. The students don't know and I'm not sure the best way to approach the issue with them. Does anyone have experience with this? What worked or didn't work well with your class? Here's a simple freebie I created today to practice comparing sentences. I need to practice this skill before we really dig into data analysis and comparison word problems. Just click here to grab a copy!
Also, does anyone know why I can't make blogposts in "compose" anymore and only html? Please help! :)

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  1. Sometimes blogger gets a little glitchy and you just need to wait it out for a couple of days.
    Switching browsers might help.
    Good luck!
    Grade ONEderful
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