Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ciara N.'s Post on Thursday, April 9, 2015 Daily 5 in our classroom.

Ciara chose to show everyone what Daily 5 looks like in our room. I used to use a clip chart but the clothespins were always breaking and it drove me nuts! So I made this rotation chart in Smart notebook. Students move counter clockwise around the chart. You might notice I added "Games" so I could incorporate literacy activities that matched our targets for the previous week as well as "Poetry". In poetry, students read and build poems that we have practiced in calendar. Students are find word patterns in the pocket chart and then they glue the poem into their poetry notebook and illustrate. After they finish those tasks, they love to create movements or dances to go with the poems. You'll see two girls working on movements to an Easter poem in the video. If they have taken time to rehearse, I'll let them perform in front of the class. They love it! 
Comment below of you have any other questions about our Daily 5 (or would it be Daily 7?😉).
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This is daily five where we work. this is how we get to be a better reader writer speller😃

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