Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Word Work Menu

As I was reading with a group of students today, I looked up and scanned the room... I was not fuzzy inside. Lately, it hasn't felt that the students are really working on words during Daily 5. They are engaged and having fun but only choosing games. They don't stamp or build words anymore so I need my students more accountable during Word Work. I'm not sure how much they are actually practicing :(So... I made a Menu for them to follow. I am going to give them each one right now but I think for next year I might blow them up bigger and  use magnets or paperclips to track where they are on the path.

Here is the  link:

In case you are wondering about "Be the Teacher", this is where my students pretend they are the teacher and give each other a spelling test on whiteboards. They love this. This is the only other option they choose other than games. Paper practice is either a word sort, a spelling search, crossword etc.
Games are the sight word games I've created for the students. They all have their own lists and games are differentiated by lists so they can all practice their own words. I'll post more about that later but e-mail me if you have questions.
Let me know if you can use this!


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