Saturday, March 3, 2012

Olivia Unit and Freebie!

So I'm a little behind in our reading series because of Dr. Seuss but I think that's perfectly alright! We had so much fun!
Anyway, next week we will be starting Olivia in our Treasures reading series. I teach at an Arts Integrated School in Glendale, AZ so I put together a unit that really focuses on visual arts since there is such a strong connection in the text. I'd like to share my unit and post my first freebie. So I'll atempt to do that... now.
Hey I added a picture! Okay, I can do this!

Here's a preview of my unit.
There is a text- self connection activity, art contest with paintings where students actually critique artwork and justify their opinions, a character bubble map, text-text comparison activity, comprehension questions, and an art activity based on Piet Mondrian art to make the students' favorite animal. Using their favorite animal art, there are two extensions to incorporate writing: narrative and opinion writing. Graphic organizers for both types of writing are included. Click here to view the unit on Teachers Pay Teachers

Here is the text-self connection activity just for you!
In this activity, the students will use the character bubble map to brainstorm Olivia's traits. I type these traits up fot use the next day. The students will use these traits I typed up to complete the text-self connection by sorting traits they do share with Olivia and those they do not. It's priceless to see their responses! Many admit they are bossy just like Olivia! Click below for your freebie!
                                                                         Olivia Freebie

Leave me a comment if you pick it up!


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    1. I figured it out! Do you all type that in every time? What's the best way to save the internal link without having to type the long code every time?

  5. I just started a little blog myself! You're off to a great start!!Isn't it fun?!? Stop by and visit me @

  6. I just found your TpT store while looking for something on Oliia! I will be getting your unit as soon as I get my credit card out of my car! This will be perfect for my kids!

    Stop on by my blog at and check out what I have and see if you can use anything! I look forward to seeing what else you post with art!


    1. Thanks! I hope your kids like it! Also, I do a lot with art so I'll be posting more soon!