Saturday, June 30, 2012

Math Notebooks/ Calendar Journal

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a few things before I go on vacation! :)

First, I just finished my classroom rules chart based on Whole Brain Teaching. I have the rules for a freebie if you'd like them click here.( I left these as a Powerpoint file so you could edit them but my font won't be there. If you want the ones I created with the font, just leave your email in the comments.)
This was totally pinterest inspired from The Polka Dot Patch. I just love it!                                                                                              
  Next, I wanted to share my math notebooks which include my calendar journals. They have been # 6 on TPT for the last two weeks! I was so excited to get such great feedback. I use these notebooks in conjunction with my SMART Board Calendar.

I started to put my notebooks together last week. I still need to make a cute label for the front but the insides are done. Here are some pics.

                                                                I start with a three prong folder.

Next, I put my math tools page in the front pocket ( click here for the math tools page freebie) and a page protector for the calendar journal of the month. I used a page protector so I wouldn't have to waste paper on these everyday. The students will use fine tip dry erase markers to compete the pages. For the first 6 weeks, I help the students with these and then gradually let the students take over. I think it helps to write the months and days of the week so students see the spelling and practice daily.  Every month, I will just copy the next month's calendar journal and slip it into the page protector. Easy Peezy!

After the calendar journal, I added a few of the pages from Mrs. Meacham's website. I love her website. Before I knew about blogs, I just spent hours stealing her ideas!  If you've never been to her site, I suggest you check it out!

This is a days in school chart from Mrs. Meacham that the students add to everyday.

I don't do much for lost teeth so a few years ago I figured the least I could do was graph their lost teeth on the calendar. They love to add their initials to the month when they lose a tooth!

The last insert is a ready made calendar for each month. ( also from Mrs. Meacham) I copied all the months already and added them to the notebook so it will be one less thing to worry about at the start of the new month. Isn't getting ready for a new month stressful!

After all the calendar inserts, I added wide ruled loose leaf paper for problem solving.Since implementing CCSS last year, I have focused so much more on word problems the various types of word problems as well as strategies to solve them. Next post I will tell all about the labels and how they made problem solving so powerful! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I did my calendar math notebooks the same way last year & it really worked great. I definitely think I will do that again this year. I am going to check out your calendar journal pages. Congrats on them being #6 on TPT. That's awesome! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure