Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ready to Print Word Problem Labels!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July! I spent the last four days at my Aunt's beautiful cabin in Northern Arizona. It was wonderful! There's a pool, golf course, kids rec center, tennis, fishing, a playground and a horse ranch. There's so much to do! My boys have a blast every year!

At the end of my last post about math notebooks, I mentioned that I use address labels for my word problem lessons. I wanted to explain how I use them and why.

When I started pre-making word problems, I copied and pasted each problem a bunch of times on a page. Then I would have to cut them all apart before a lesson and have the students glue them into their math notebooks. This was easier because at the beginning of first and all year through Kindergarten, it took the students forever to write a problem. Not to mention it wasn't legible once they had finished! Why care if the problem is in there? Well, I think it's nice for parents to understand the problem and see their child's thinking and approach to a variety of problems.
Last year, one of my teammates suggested we use labels for our word problems so we wouldn't have to cut them, glue wouldn't be stuck between pages and to save prep time. It helped so much!!!
I loved using them. I had them pre-made for each type of problem and could pull them out whenever I needed. We implemented Common Core last year so we really needed to focus on the various types of addition and subtraction problems and it was great to have them done in advance.

I used the pre-made labels to teach a specific type of word problem. For example, when I introduced change unknown word problems, I used the pre-made labels to focus on change unknown word problems for two weeks so students could practice their strategies and become familiar with the structure. Once students had practice with the change unknown problems, I would build on that with longer lessons. We might act out change unknown word problems, create our own for others to solve or work with buddies to help each other solve and share strategies.

I have a word problem labels pack that includes over 60 word problems on label templates so all you have to do is print! It has word problems for each type of addition/ subtraction problem as listed in the Common Core. If you are interested in problems already made into labels, click here! to go to my TPT store.

I'm off to San Diego on Sunday so I won't be posting for awhile unless I get some posts written before then! Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! I wanted to let you know that I mentioned your Frog and Toad unit in my blog post today. I have pictures of the frogs my students made. My students loved your packet and so did I! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

    1. Thanks, Lauren! That's awesome! I am so glad you liked the unit. I'm heading over to check it out!