Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ordering Numbers with our Bodies!

Before I share a fun strategy for ordering numbers. I wanted to show you what I spent all night doing... I cut my Apple Activities Pack. I put it on sale this week so go check it out here!
To practice ordering numbers, we use our bodies since ordering numbers with just a paper and a pencil can be pretty boring.
First, every table is assigned a decade ( teens, twenties, etc.) The students must choose a number in that decade that is different from everyone else's at their table. This ensures that everyone in the room has a different number for this activity.
Once everyone has their number written on a post-it note, we move around the room to the music. Once the music stops, the students freeze and listen for their challenge.
I will then call out a direction such as "Make a group of three"  and I count back from 10 and they have 10 seconds to find two others.
Once in their group and I have reached zero in my count, they wait for the next direction which is "order". This cues them to order themselves from least to greatest. The students have to position their bodies  to represent their order as well. For example, the student whose number is the least will be shortest, the number in the middle, a little taller and the greatest number the tallest.
Here are some pics of my kids after they had ordered themselves.

Hope that gave you an easy way to make a mundane skill more engaging and fun!

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