Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Day!

Last Wednesday was Pumpkin Day. I wanted to share some of the activities in case you wanted to add these ideas for next year or squeeze some in tomorrow or Wednesday. I saw these bags on Pinterest and loved them. I made a bag for each of my students to start the afternoon.
The first activity ( not  pumpkin related but fun still) was Making Tens with Spider Rings. I found the recording sheet on MathWire.
At this station, we carved pumpkins! The students made a graph to vote for the type of face they wanted to carve. ( happy, mad, silly, scary)
This station was pumpkin weighing. The students weighed their pumpkin using tiles and blocks.
Here the students sequenced the steps to carving a pumpkin with pictures and sentences and then copied the steps.



At this station, students estimated. First, they estimated the amount of ridges on their mini pumpkin. They they estimated how many pumpkin seed in a bowl and then counted by tens and ones. Last, they estimated whether the circumference around their pumpkin would be larger, smaller or the same as the circumference around my pumpkin. They then measured the circumference with yarn and measure it against my yarn. Once they found out if it was larger, smaller or the same size as, they hung their yarn on our class graph.
And this picture is of a little Pinterest inspired craft I had the kids work on if they finished any station early. I thought it was really cute!!!
I hope you all have a great Halloween week!!!!

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