Thursday, December 13, 2012

Change Unknown Word Problem Freebie

I've been so busy these last few weeks! I've had three groups of teachers in to observe my Daily 5 in action  and I was videotaped during the observation today. I was mic'd  and everything! It was so scary but my kids were great. Maybe they need someone following them around with a videocamera everyday! ha!

Since I've been so bad about posting, here is a fun freebie to introduce or practice change unknown word problems.

After reading the Doorbell Rang,
The Doorbell Rang

the students are given 12 Christmas cookies to decorate. They also decorate the kitchen background and draw themselves as the baker. The students then decide how many cookies to put in the oven and write a change unknown word problem.

Click here if you'd like this freebie!
Have a great weekend!!!!

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