Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Great Free Reading Website to Share!

Hi everyone!  Today is the last day of my giveaway. I will be emailing the winner soon! Yay! Good luck to you all!!

I wanted to share a couple random things today. Here's the agenda:

Snowman Change Unknown Word Problems
Surveys and Graphing
A new awesome reading website!

Snowman Change Unknown Word Problems
Have you seen these adorable snowmen on Pinterest?

Source: lh6.ggpht.com via Erin on Pinterest

I used this idea for the snowmen but we wrote change unknown problems instead. They turned out so cute! It was also great practice solving missing part equations.

Surveys and Graphing

We have been working on collecting data and organizing our data into graphs. We have also been analyzing that data by writing comparative sentences ( _ more than or _ less than) and making conclusions as to why certain categories were picked most. I begin this unit with these surveys I got from Lakeshore. I love them!

Don't worry... I helped those sweeties who were graphing from the top!

Now, we have been making our own tally charts and graphs. They love getting up and asking others their questions! On the tally chart below, everyone had the question, "what is your favorite pet?". Then they got to pick their choices from a page of pets, cut them out and glue them onto their tally chart.

Awesome Reading site

And, last but not least I was shown this website yesterday. I have been looking for more decodable passages that I could print so students could read and highlight the phonics skill we are working on. This website has all that and more!!

Ok, that's all for today. Have a great weekend!!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing that website! I have to do a lot of intervention during guided reading and this will help a ton! I'm going to share with my colleagues :)