Monday, July 15, 2013

"Beary" Common Core Bear Unit with freebies!

Hi, Friends!
I wanted to share some freebies and ideas with you in case you teach about Bears during the year.

Last year, my teammate and I started the new year off with a bear theme. It was so fun! I posted a lot of freebies (click the pics) I had created and this year I made so much more because I wanted the unit to align more with the Common Core shifts.

Last year, I posted about a 4 corners activity to get the students discussing opinions. Hang the 4 bear signs in different corners of the room ( included in the freebie). The students will have to decide which bear ( Panda, Polar, Brown or Black) they like the best and discuss the reason for their choice with a partner. The student will then write why they like that type of bear. We will use the sentence frame I like ____________ because. ( Also, free!)
We will then graph these results as well during math.

 However, this year, I added a non-fiction text we can read as a class to build the students' background knowledge about each type of bear. Then I can guide them to justify their opinion using a reason from the text.

I created a graphic organizer for each type of bear so students could work on finding the key details in text about each type of bear. I also added more opinion writing papers so you can differentiate and use this pack at any time during the year.

Last year I created these math freebies which are still available just click any pic to take you to the Google Docs file.

1-20 cards to practice one more/one less
(Just copy on  Brown construction to use less ink!)                
Play Bear Hunt with these cards. Hand out these cards to each student. Call out a clue such as, "Who has one more than 5?". The students with 6 would stand up. You can increase difficulty by asking, "What's two more/two less or 10 more/10 less?".

                                          One more/ one less practice/assessment

                                  Reviewing combinations to 5 with Teddy Grahams
This year I created so many more math activities! For every activity I created a more advanced game. Instead of just Make 5, I created a Make Ten as well. Rather that just including one more/ one less, I also added 10 more/10 less.  I added gummy bear sorting and graphing recording sheets, a Teddy Bear measuring record sheet and a building teen number equations game.
Hopefully you can use these freebies! If you teach Bears at all during the year, this could be a great addition to your unit. If you want to take a look at the rest of the pack on TPT. Just click the pics or right here!


  1. Wow! This is awesome. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Love the freebies. The kids will love using Teddy Grahams and gummy bears.

    1. Thank you, Sheree! I'm glad you can use the freebies!