Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fall Math Mega Pack with freebie!

I just finished a pack I am so excited to use! I tend to like math centers that aren't extremely thematic so I can use them when I want. I needed some math centers for the fall that would build number sense as well as addition and subtraction concepts. I also wanted a few centers that would spiral the measurement and data domain. I set out to create a few and wound up with ten!!!! Whew! Took forever!

Here's my Fall Math Centers Mega Pack!

Included in this Pack:
Falling Leaves (5 and some more) 1.OA.6
Scarecrow Make Ten (Combinations of 10) 1.OA.6
Apple Picking (Subtract from 10) 1.OA.5,6
Harvest Time! (Time to the Hour) 1. MD.3
Odd/ Even Harvest Sort (Numbers to 20 in ten frames) 2.OA.3
Raking Leaves Place Value Compare (Numbers to 50) 1. NBT.2c
Race to 30 (Addition and Subtraction within 10--2 sets for differentiation) 1.OA.6
How Many Were Picked? Data Analysis 1.MD.4
Fall Measurement 1. MD.2
Collectin’ Acorns (Comparing numbers- 3 variations) 1.NBT.3

If you want to check out this pack on TPT, click here! If you made it to the bottom of this post, then you get a freebie from the pack. :)

Download my odd and even sort for free here.  Leave me a comment if you can use it!

Have a great weekend!!!

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