Monday, August 5, 2013

Guided Math resources and Freebie!

Hi, Friends!
I have one more day before the kiddos get here! Not sure I'm completely ready yet but slowly getting there. I am holding steady at 29 kids and hoping I don't get any more. Pray for me, will you?

I wanted to share a few resources today I found to help me with guided math. My personal goal this school year is to improve my small group math instruction. I began researching and found some good assessments.

The first is an individual assessment from the Math Learning Center. It has prompts and activities to help you assess number sense, base ten, composing/decomposing numbers, and addition and subtraction. It seems to be clear enough that a helper could administer the assessments.
The next resource I found is awesome! Education Northwest has an assessment for each Common Core math standard. The assessments could be given as pre-tests or used as ready-to-go mini lessons for your guided groups. I printed them all off and made a binder so I could have all the assessments/ mini lessons quickly at hand.

When you go to the website, log-in for free to access their kinder and 1st grade resources. Here are two examples of the assessments:

The last resource I want to share is a checklist I made to record my teacher observations during guided math groups. This checklist is different from other Common Core math checklists because I task analyzed each standard or skills students need prior to mastering the end of year goals as well as included levels of mastery for each standard. For example,  the student can solve join word problems with manipulatives, counting on or using a known fact. This will help me know to what degree the students have mastered each math standard. Here are a few examples of the pages. It's actually 11 pages in all. Click here to download.

So... I'm not sure what this will look like in my room just yet but at least I'm ready to record my data!! I hope this post has helped you with small group math in some way. Leave me a comment if it does! Happy Monday!

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