Monday, September 16, 2013

Story Elements Reader's Theatre Freebie!

I have an awesome freebie for you today! I wrote a short Reader's Theater about story elements. This really helps my students with the vocabulary of story elements and serves as an anchor all year.
I seriously can ask my students in May, "class, what's a solution?" and everyone answers "how they fix the problem!" with some hammering to follow. :)

Click here to download the file from Google Drive.

This week,we will be working on diving deeper into the Story Elements to "describe" the characters, setting, problem and solution.

Check back soon (or follow me!) for a great close reading lesson that focuses on describing characters! 

Meanwhile, enjoy this short video of my kiddos performing their reader's theater. This performance was in our classroom 5 min before the bell on Friday; so, it's a little rougher than the performances we took on the road earlier that day. :)

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